How to fit your baypole jacks - an 8 step guide

Step 1

Drill a 20mm hole through the cill, on the centre line, at the intersection of each load bearing corner.

Step 2

It is important that the jack base is secured on a solid and level surface.

Step 3

Place the cill over the jacks and apply sealant in the 20mm hole around the jack thread.

Step 4

Screw the lock nut and nut down the jack thread almost to the cill and add the baypole/baypost locator.

Step 5

The PVC-u sleeving should be cut away to allow access to the nuts. This relief should be from the bottom of the sleeving upwards 40-45mm but should be cut across short of the centre line.

Step 6

Cut the baypole/baypost to a length 40mm less than the distance from the top of the cill to the top of the opening.

Step 7

The baypole/baypost is now placed on the locator with the sleeving resting on the cill and a spreader plate located at the top. The nut and locknut should now be accessible through the cut out in the sleeve.

Step 8

The baypole/baypost must be adjusted so as to be truly vertical and then the jacking load can be applied. This is carried out by screwing the nut upwards and when the required load is reached the lock nut is tightened to the nut. Besides being secured at the top and bottom the adjacent frames should also be fixed to the pole/post.

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